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take out wrenched ankle

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take out wrenched ankle Empty take out wrenched ankle

Post  Otto Von Pifka Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:50 am

take out wrenched ankle Wrenches

brass goggles struck a reef before I managed to get this picture in the non gun steam weapon thread.
both are blocks of pink celotex foam cut out and sanded to shape then skinned with aluminum duct tape.

the right one I slapped together really fast, not bad for about 30 minutes work, I sealed it with a charcoal tinted clear which darkened the woodgrain contact paper nicely but it doesn't photograph well. the charcoal makes the metals turn a bit purple, not good at all.

the left one was the second effort. spent much more time prepping the foam and laying the duct tape. in some ways, it came out too smooth.

next time I will combine the better head of the left wrench with a longer wooden type handle of the right one.

the screw is a nylon one in the left wrench, the right one was a bit of wire around a plastic tube. the wire was too short and the metal tape around it puckered badly.

I made the sides too smooth, you can press texture into the foil if your carefull and make it look more like cast pieces.

laying the foil isn't hard at all with a little forethought. lay the foil in the interior areas and trim carefully at transition lines, slightly overlapping edges so the seams aren't so visible. do the larger flat areas last. over lapping makes the foam stronger so a few layers where it flexes most can firm it up well.

we have a huge crescent wrench at work, it has a 3 foot long handle and can fit on 3 inch nuts. I'm thinking of maybe a foam copy with a slightly shorter handle with a brass knuckle style finger guard on the handle. a wrench mace of sorts.

I will try to slow down and take pictures of the steps, to make it more understandable.

Otto Von Pifka

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take out wrenched ankle Empty Re: take out wrenched ankle

Post  Johannes Ghee Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:34 pm

Very nicely done Mr. Von Pifka! I especially like the one on the right, it looks for all the world like something you purchased in an antiques shop.

Johannes Ghee

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Location : The western edge of Ireland.
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take out wrenched ankle Empty Re: take out wrenched ankle

Post  andygates Sun Dec 07, 2008 3:15 pm

Very nice! The shapng of the red one is really good - it looks heavy!

An alternative skin that lets you have more detail is latex. Get a pot of liquid latex and brush it on. You can mix acrylics in to give base colours, and dry-brush metallics on top for shiny detail. For pieces like those, 3-4 coats of latex with a splosh of dark grey acrylic paint would give you a nice crisp flat-grey base, and they you could colour it from there (eg, drybrush with steely-grey metallic, which picks out the raised edges and leaves the recessed edges dark).
powder monkey
powder monkey

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take out wrenched ankle Empty Re: take out wrenched ankle

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