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Writing a Book...!

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Writing a Book...! Empty Writing a Book...!

Post  Bartholomew Thatch Sat Feb 26, 2022 6:53 am

I'm working on a book, which I originally described as Steampunk, but after some research I'm not quite sure anymore. I still believe it can be categorized as steampunk, but with genres such as dieselpunk and Gaslamp fantasy I get a bit confused.  

There is a lot of steam power in the book, but there is also diesel and eventually a rare mineral that has the ability for steam automatons to become alive with consciousness. I was just trying to think of the word for when a robot comes alive... is it sanctioned?

Anyways, after watching the youtube video I realize my book isn't punk in the sense of addressing historical issues either, but it is punky altering historic technology to be more advance. Who doesn’t like steam power rifles and the classic airships.

Then there’s that little voice in my head saying, “Quit making a big deal about the genre and finish the book so everyone can enjoy the story.” This doesn’t present a good platform for discussion in the forum, but I’m sure I’ll post some new topics later when they come up. Stay tuned to for snapshots of the book. Maybe we can discuss ideas and possibly ways to publish.

Bartholomew Thatch

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Writing a Book...! Empty Re: Writing a Book...!

Post  Sarahsteam Fri Apr 01, 2022 10:26 am

Hi Bartholomew,
I understand that steampunk is present in your book, so it may not be 100% steampunk, but you can make a cross-over between styles and mention steampunk, without saying it's a "steampunk book"
Anyway, congratulations on the book and I wish you luck.


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