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Post  E. Mooncat Esq. Tue Feb 09, 2010 2:11 pm

To Celebrate *huh-fookin-zah* the fact that I have passed that oh-so-important 10,000 pageveiw mark on deviantart... AND (as if that weren't enuff) the forthcoming submission of my 100th deviation(!) ~ a peice entitled: The Mysterious World of Steampunk… I have decided to make my 101st deviant submission a Steampunk Caption Bubble Comp… feat The Lady Skippy & Lord Squiggly at a recent(ish) Sydeian WGW Steampunk Moot.

First prize would be… erm… rumages around in pockitses : an old thrupenny bit & a bit of fluff? That’s not much of a carrot, I suppose. OK, how about this: a new ID photo of yourself, edited in the unique stylings of The Ethereal Mooncat by that very Mooncat isself? This would be in the form of a watermarked / websize / webready jpeg & a non-watermarked full size / full res jpeg. Also (on request) as a 7"x5" photoprint signed by my own fair paw... plus a tutorial on the subject of How I Created Your ID Prize Pic ~ a rare insight into the Mysteries of Mooncattery, oh yes!

The Contest will be run thru my main web Profile / Gallery / Community on DA (deviantart), but will also be open to anyone on any other Net Community I’m in: namely MM (Model Mayhem), LJ (Live Journal), VF (VampireFreaks), UKAF (UK Art Forums), The Brass / Spare Goggles Forum & The Official EA (Emilie Autumn) Forum ~ where I am known as Ethereal-Mooncat / Ethereal Mooncat / E. Mooncat Esq.... or my MySpace ~ where I am known as The Cheshire Mooncat. Unless I don't like you in which case you will be instantly disqualified & can feck off *smiles sweetly w/ just a hint of fang*. And afore anyone asks: no, I havnae go a Facebook page & no, I’ve got no intention of getting one!

Soooo, a now Unique Oppurtunity to get a Genuine Etherealised Mooncat pixture for FREE (with the exception of existing commitments I’m a pro only PS artist now). There may be other prizes too (aside from the threepence piece & the fluff, we shall have to see m’dears. The question (or rather questions) is…

1. Would you be interested in entering such a Comp?

2. Would you be thrilled to bits by the chance to Win such a Wonderous Prize? Silly Question, of course you would!

3. Would you be intersted in contributing a prize? BTW this doesn’t bar you from entering, it would amuse me if you ended up winning your own prize *evil cackles* Life’s like that sometimes…

4. Would you be interested in helping in the Judging… and if so what are your Qualifications for this lofty position (to give you a clue: being Lady Skippy, Lord Squiggly, Capt Sydeian, Lady Siyamau, Mr Edwards, Lt. Wassisname or anyone else who has actually attended one of the Sydeian WGW Meetings would be an instant qualifier… otherwise being A General Big Cheese VIP in the World of Contempary Steampunk / Clockpunk might just give you some leverage in the no doubt humungeous Mass Scramble for one of these esteemed posts. Or simply just because the world is round…. Once again, being a Judge don’t disqualify you from entering… yep, you can vote for yourself if you want (altho’ this may leave your reputation in tatters). Once again (again), Life’s like that sometimes… Justice is a Joke (don’t I fookin know it *grrrrowls*).

5. Have you got a spare copy of the recipe for The Philosophers Stone (mi pockitses, as aluded to above, are a bit threadbare at the mo, & I needs some dosh to impress this grrrrl). Either that or employ me as a PS artist, Organic Permaculturalist or After Dinner Miaower at my inordinately expensive rates …well, I am rather good at this jive… or so they tell me, I don't beleive a word of it meself. XD

Prithee answer the above 4 Q’s (clearly numbered 1, 2, 3, & (yeah you geussed it)… 4 (5 is optional, innit) by replying to this Blog / Journal / Forum Post... or better still by replying to my DA Journal (which contains purty much the same announcment / questioniare thingy. Purrrrrrlease keep your replies to less than 493.7 words. Or something.

Look forward to hearing from you darlinx…
Watch my DA journal for more details / competition launch (link below)...
E. Mooncat Esq. LHDAB PDK(Hon.)
E. Mooncat Esq.
E. Mooncat Esq.
powder monkey
powder monkey

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