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Steampunk Workshop & Meet-up / Birmingham, Alabama, June 13

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Steampunk Workshop & Meet-up / Birmingham, Alabama, June 13 Empty Steampunk Workshop & Meet-up / Birmingham, Alabama, June 13

Post  Ex Libris on Thu May 07, 2009 7:43 am

In the wake of ImagiCon in March 2009 in Birmingham, Alabama (which exhibited a notable Steampunk flavor in its themes), local interest in Steampunk hit a distinct ascendant stride.

In response to the continued queries, contacts and questions, we are hosting a Steampunk Workshop/Meet-up in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday, June 13, 2009. The workshop is free and open to anyone in the Alabama and Southeastern (USA) environs who would like to explore Steampunk.

The event will progress from noon until 3:00 PM CST (though the gathering hours can be open-ended if the creative or social ethic demands).

Attendees are invited to bring works in progress, fait accompli projects, costumes, cool finds or just a sincere curiosity about Steampunk in its various expressions. It is likely that a local Steampunk society may evolve from this growing enthusiasm. NOTE: It has already been suggested from one of the instigators that a potential group adopt the name Alabama Steampunk Society and its membership be described as ASSes. Lovely!

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP via PM or e-mail for final details and directions. Please do forward this invitation to any others who you think might like to attend.

Ex Libris
Ex Libris
Ex Libris

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Steampunk Workshop & Meet-up / Birmingham, Alabama, June 13 Empty Steampunk Workshop Birmingham AL - Final Details

Post  Ex Libris on Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:00 am

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here's the final reminder for the "Steampunk Workshop and Meet-up" scheduled for Saturday, June 13 - from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM - in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

We currently have 30 confirmations from attendees who are crafters, costumers, artists and/or parties interested in the exploration of Steampunk. We are looking forward to arrivals from Mobile, Huntsville, Anniston, Auburn and parts foreign (Florida and Georgia).

The format of the afternoon will be fluid, following the desires of those present as to how much time to devote to different aspects of Steampunk. I would like to recommend that we definitely include a 'round robin' on the front end of the day, for each individual to introduce themselves to the group and share details of their 'persona' or specific Steampunk interest and talent.

Here's a brief checklist of items to consider bringing:

--The event will begin with a 'meet-and-greet' as people arrive. Attendees are invited to bring refreshments to share but are by no means obligated. I will be providing a variety of drinks.

--While we won't likely be doing involved individual crafting work during the event, this is a prime opportunity to bring a small project(s) that you are working on or sketches of same to both inspire others and to receive feedback and ideas from other attendees who have already traveled the path.

--If you have unique 'found' items, mysterious gadgets, useful tools, fabrics and finishes, or other resources that lend themselves to your Steampunk work, please consider bringing them along to educate others.

--Consider bringing business cards or making Steampunk 'calling cards' to share with others so you can continue direct communication beyond the workshop.

--Interest is high in 'gearing' up in Steampunk attire and taking a jaunt into town for photographical recording and social recreation. Birmingham has several outstanding public sites from the Victorian era that lend themselves as perfect backdrops for group and individual photos. Do bring your finery if you would like to participate in this post-workshop outing.

The workshop will be located at my home. Most of my basement is clear for display and experimentation. The living area is largely Victorian-flavored and hopefully will support our mood for the afternoon. Contact me via PM or e-mail by June 11 for address/directions etc.

There is still room for more participants so please continue to spread the word and share the invite directly with interested parties. I would request, however, that my phone and address not be posted anywhere publicly, but rather offered privately to those who request it from you.

It's almost here! I look forward to meeting new friends and revisiting with current ones - smile! Please let me know if you have any additional questions or suggestions about how to make the afternoon productive and rewarding for all...

All Appreciation,

Paige Gardner Smith
*Ex Libris
Ex Libris
Ex Libris

Number of posts : 2
Location : Birmingham, Alabama
Registration date : 2009-05-07

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