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The Fish is in St-John's again.

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The Fish is in St-John's again. Empty The Fish is in St-John's again.

Post  5.6. Kaboom Sat Nov 01, 2008 12:51 am

So I is in a pub. It's Hallowe'en. There are strange people afoot.

Someone accosts me in my usual St-John's haunt, the Rose & Thistle. (I'm still there, this is sort of an early-evening AAR.)

It turns out this person beside me can suss out I'm in black ops in the Canadian military... cos of the maple leaf on me arm wot says 'This I'll Defend' beneath. what really seals the deal for him, though, are the Good Omens-inspired 'FISH CHIP' tats on me knuckles. This poor man, for some reason, is -convinced- I'm with some sort of secret Canadian black ops unit. No matter how I try to tell him I'm just in communications on the CF ship in port. No, no, I'm black ops. And guess what? -HE- is black ops too! For definitive proof, he deliberately plants his fingertips all over the neck of his Coors Light and demands I get my CO to run a trace on them.

Gods, why can't I live in Newfoundland?

5.6. Kaboom

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Location : Somewhere in the north Atlantic
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The Fish is in St-John's again. Empty Re: The Fish is in St-John's again.

Post  HAC Sat Nov 01, 2008 6:56 am

Don't feel too bad.. My keychain is an old Foreign Legion 2ieme REP one (its the winged dagger TAP Metro badge.. (long story, many, many eyars back, don;t ask, unless you stand the beer) That gets me more questions and (as you have discovered) folks who "know" more than what reality is...

Comanding Officer

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The Fish is in St-John's again. Empty Re: The Fish is in St-John's again.

Post  Captain Lyerly Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:41 am


If you want to play with their minds a bit, you might tell them that you are descended from the Dukes of Calabria, who bore "Adlerfluegel mit schwerthand" - the wing with a dagger, basically - as their house badge. And you carry that as proof of your primogeniture.



Captain Lyerly
Comanding Officer

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The Fish is in St-John's again. Empty Re: The Fish is in St-John's again.

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