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my latest raygun

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my latest raygun Empty my latest raygun

Post  Otto Von Pifka Fri Oct 10, 2008 7:27 am

my latest work, my entry in the Blaster builders club custom blaster contest.

my latest raygun Colt4
my latest raygun Colt5
my latest raygun Colt3

BTW, thank heavens for spare goggles! the life raft pulled along side just in the nick of time! I was afraid we were going to have to swim for it, most unseemly.

well here is the before picture
my latest raygun Contest1
trying to remember whether the gun was a dollar store item or walgreens...
rather ugly in its neon orange glory, but most of the details were already there!
the plastic grip was carefully cut away with a hacksaw and filed smooth.
the trigger was removed and the trigger pump gutted to make room for the grip.
the grip is a solid block of wood that fits snugly into the window cut into the gun.
there is a screw through the old trigger hole to retain it.
the original orange tip of squirt gun was cut off and a nozzle recovered from a dead fire extinguisher put in its place. three large washers were reamed out so they would sit as they do on the nozzle and then glued into place. the rear of the gun has a drawer knob bolted into the old fill plug hole. all screws and nuts were accessed through where the grip hole was cut. everything was assembled with a generous ammout of JB weld epoxy on the nuts and screws and the mating surfaces, to make sure it stays together. the grip was left off still.
the grip was scorched with a torch then stained and sealed and the gun body had all the raised lettering sanded off (almost all) and a liberal coat or three of primer laid down.
after allowing the primer to dry a day, I began to drybrush the metal colors on the gun using cheap makeup brushes from the dollar store. get some paper plates out and stir your cans of metal paint well. I have had ok luck with the basic rustoleum accent paints sold at the hardware stores. simply dab a TEENY amount of paint onto the very tips of the bristles then rub the brush around the plate in big lazy circles. add a little more paint and a few more circles. it's ready to paint with once it just leaves wispy dots of paint on the paper plate surface. lightly brush the gun just like aplying a makeup base and all those details magically appear! use a smaller brush on the tiny areas first, and the areas indented the most, working your way out to the higher areas. don't panic if you hit a spot and get paint where you dont want it. if you let it dry good and come back with your smallest brushes, you can dry brush back over the same area with a different color.
if it seems to look really horrible, let it dry and paint that area black again and re-dry brush it. rubbing at right angles to edges highlights them good and spinning the brush like fingerprint detectives do, gets big flat areas nicely, with less obvious brushstrokes.
BE patient! if you go back over an area before its well dry , it can roll up and muck up badly!!
you may need several passes to lay down anough paint to get the look you want.
don't panic if the silver looks way too bright or the gold too gold. the finishing clear coat wil dull the silver down to a nice gunmetal and darken the gold to a muted brass.
go easy with the clear as its easy to put on too much, don't trust your eyes, trust your hands, while spraying. don't seal it for a few days either, let all the paint dry good and hard. a little crimson red gloss paint for the reactor windows and a screw and spring for the front sight (almost forgot the sight)
I used a high gloss clear so to dull it down I rubbed black shoe polish all over the gun and grip, then carefully buffed the highspots slightly. again, wait until the clear is good and dry.

I had wedged a stick into the gun body at the grip hole, so while painting, I never handled the finish. try to plan ahead a little on things like that!

finally the guns grip was stuck back in place and the screw carefully added. I did get lazy and leave the entire grip stained wood, I would have prefered taking a dremel and carefully cutting two grooves all around the grip, then painting the middle between those two grooves (and the grooves) black, then drybrushing it brass. that makes it look like two wooden grips on a metal frame. I forgot to add two brass screws to the grip sides, but they seemed silly considering the grip is one piece of wood in looks.


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Otto Von Pifka

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my latest raygun Empty Re: my latest raygun

Post  The Kernel Fri Oct 10, 2008 7:39 am

Very impressive

Do you have any construction photos/etchings?

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The Kernel
The Kernel

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my latest raygun Empty Re: my latest raygun

Post  kogwheal Wed Oct 22, 2008 3:05 am

That's fantastic! I second the request for construction photos, if you happen to have any. Beautiful work.


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my latest raygun Empty Re: my latest raygun

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