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Upcoming multilinqual RPG forum

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Upcoming multilinqual RPG forum Empty Upcoming multilinqual RPG forum

Post  chicar on Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:23 pm

Until now, i always be either unlucky or not very determined with any attempt to use concretelely my great imaginagion, but that would change now i realised the reason of my bad luck in the webmastering domain: Lack of publicity. I can afford web publicity and i never be in a french forum who could be interested to the subject of my sites. Then i decided to try to give birth to a old world idea of mine in a more multilingual friendly RPG forum.

There the game plot(nb:is a very soft science world based on totally extraterrestrial concept, so is meant to be scientifically incoherent, don't criticise in this domain):

Probable title: Tryptique Clock (or symply Tryptique)

In the beggining, the tryptique system has only one planet, Elysea, a jupiter-size world inhabited by a energetic race known today as the Elder. But one day, a mysterious bio-energetic short cutting pandemia made the planet explode. Milleniums have pass, the debris of Elisea have recombine themself on new planets and the wandering spirit of the elder have take possession of the young organic lifeform who as sprout. Today, its have three planet,the light world of Diurna inherritor of the positive pole of the elder energy, the barren world of Crepuscule(Sunset) home of a more or less organised Space pirate gangs syndicate composed of those who have not receive the gift of the Elders and the Dark world of Nocturna who have inherrited of the dark pole of elder energy. If its was not of the Elders inspiration, the inhabbitant of this three worlds (or two, as no one would had inhabited the life-unwelcoming Crepuscule\Sunset world) would probably not more advanced than mid-19th century earth, but their predecessor's ghost are their Gods and protector, and they take benefice of both their science and magic. But they also inherrited the concept of opposite spiritual pole and Diurna and Nocturna have been natural and spiritual ennemy since the beginning of time. What side will you take ? The goody goody Diurnian, the neutral space pirates of Crepuscule or the demonicly evil Nocturnian.

I have two thing to ask you now:

1- How do you love it ? What i should add or flush? You are permitted to critic the scientific side if his really really incoherent you know ^^.

2- If you interrested to become a colloborating moderator of this upcoming forum their a list of NPC gazzeeter you have to take the role:

Admiral Leto: the official leader of Crepuscule's Space pirates syndicate. Age: 40 years old. Physical description: Very thin, white haired, wear constantly a pair of sunglasses,wear often a sailor striped shirt,tall.

Queen Erebe: The ironhanded leader of Nocturna. Age: 28 years old Physical description: White haired,Ponytailed with a blue rubboon, very gorgeous, Moon shaped tatoo in the cheek, Small, wear a sparkled blue dress as official royal uniform

The Gemini: The brother and sisters leader of Diurna Polycracy age: the yet to be named boy: 18 years old. the also yet to be named girl:16 years old.
Physical description: Boy: bowl-cutted blonde hair, innocent looking and kind of attractive(in a female point of view of course lol),midly tall, red-brown british-military style uniform. Girl:Ponytailed blonde hair,cute looking, red-brown dress, mildly tall, a little smaller than his brother.

Consul Minerva: the cat eared counsellor of the geminis Age: 30 Physical description: Cat ear,tall,average looking,red hair, feline eye, golden pimple-like stain,red-brown dress, strong women.

Medusa: Officially, the ''mother queen'' concubine of Leto.Officeusely, Nocturna top spy. Age:40 years old description: well preserved,tall, sleek thin shape, yellow ''Noir's femme fatale'' style dress,Purple hair.

Like you have probably guessed, its very inspired by anime esthetique. Off course, if they are more moderator than NPC, you can invent your own Tryptique system's gazeeter character.

Waiting your criticise, comment and application.

Note: post the same thing in the gatehouse as a attempt to grow my potential membership.


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Upcoming multilinqual RPG forum Empty Re: Upcoming multilinqual RPG forum

Post  chicar on Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:27 am

Gesse, it seem than this post is not really popular (like every single of my post here mysteriously) Suspect .

Perhaps the (technicly speaking) finish result would change your mind:

Still recruiting for moderator.


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Upcoming multilinqual RPG forum Empty Re: Upcoming multilinqual RPG forum

Post  Prof. George of Chaos on Mon Sep 29, 2008 7:38 pm

I'm personally not very much into the idea of a forum dedicated exclusivley to roleplaying (I prefer when it just happens occasionally on a forum of ideas), but I certainly think very well of any multilingual effore. Perhaps some multilingual Steam-forum with a largish roleplaying section could attarct a broader base of contributors?

Prof. George of Chaos

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Upcoming multilinqual RPG forum Empty Re: Upcoming multilinqual RPG forum

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