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Nanowrimo 2010

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Nanowrimo 2010  Empty Nanowrimo 2010

Post  Helios on Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:20 pm

We have a thread for this over on BG, but as it seems BG will be down for a good deal longer, I've decided to put this up here.
So, if there's anyone else out there doing Nano this year, who wants to procrastinate, discuss plot ideas, or generally bemoan what they've gotten themselves into, here's the place!

Edit: Just realised I hadn't posted this in The Library, as I thought I had!. Perhaps a Mod would be so kind as to move it along, or across?


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Nanowrimo 2010  Empty Re: Nanowrimo 2010

Post  Lady Kensington Gore on Tue Nov 09, 2010 6:44 pm

I am participating in Nano for the first time this year. Already I am behind on my word count!
I'm working with something like a temprospatial 'men in black' plot, and feels a little like cheating: I can justify as many inane side stories as I need to pad the length. I just wrapped up a steampunk themed adventure, for example, but don't know where I should go next.
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Nanowrimo 2010  Empty Re: Nanowrimo 2010

Post  Xenos on Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:29 pm

I am also doing NaNo this year (first timer). I've got the first... 300ish words posted over in the Library section right here, it's setting the background for everything... Even though the politics are a MINOR part in the story proper, they DO come into play.

It's a steampunk-esq romance set in 1918 America, if the Civil War had lasted for 30 years, as oppsed to 4, and democracy has died in America.

My moniker on here actually comes from the main character, Xenos Markus O'Sullivan...

I may or may not be posting more of it as I go, it's VERY rough, since the goal is just to get the 50K words ON PAPER, NO EDITING (that's the hard part for me!)... Ah well, I'll either succeed or I'll fail, either way, I'm X words closer and stuff...

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Nanowrimo 2010  Empty Re: Nanowrimo 2010

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