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The First Annual OSS's Victoriana Picnic! (OSS=Ozark Steampunk Society)lookin for advice

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The First Annual OSS's Victoriana Picnic! (OSS=Ozark Steampunk Society)lookin for advice Empty The First Annual OSS's Victoriana Picnic! (OSS=Ozark Steampunk Society)lookin for advice

Post  ms_boo_dreadful on Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:32 am

Felicitations folks,
you may be wondering why i am posting this here since ya know...this is our "spare" (even though i feel more at home here) wel im wanting some input. you see a few days back some one posted this link
and it got me ol' bean a' burnin. i know i can set some thing like this up here in the Ozarks. but im honestly not very good at getting people to show up at my events. partly because i dont know how to make banners or fliers! so i am look for input. you folks who have put on an event and it went well, how did you do it? any advice? anyone willing to help me make banners, fliers,or a website? What a Face

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