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HP Lovecraft film festival

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HP Lovecraft film festival Empty HP Lovecraft film festival

Post  Mrs. Sullivan on Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:56 am

So Mr. S & I attended the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, OR this weekend.

The film festival was pretty good - as always, the films are a mixed bag. The feature film I saw ("Dark Paradox") was a bit cheesy. There were some good short films - "AM 1200", "Casting Call of Cthulhu", "Eel Girl", "The Amazing Screw On Head", "The Outsider". We ran into Mr. & Mrs. Crowe on Fri. night, and again on Saturday, & had a pretty good Chinese dinner together during the evening break. I bought a couple of graphic novels, one Cthulhu - oriented, the other kinda steampunk (about a plague in Victorian England) called "Jenny Finn - Doom Messiah" by Mike Mignola & others.

Mike Mignola (creator of "Hellboy") was quite a presence at the film festival, and got the "Howie" award this year. They showed his "Hellboy" movie, 2 "Hellboy" short animated films, and "The Amazing Screw-On Head" short animation. Author Brian Lumley was also there to receive an award & sign autographs, and of course the Great Cthulhu made a personal appearance.

It's a fun festival, and I recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies and/ or H.P. Lovecraft. Bring your own pillow though - your rear end will thank you!

(PS- I wore my steampunk gear both days and got lots of compliments on my outfits and my home made goggles).

Mrs. S.

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Mrs. Sullivan
Mrs. Sullivan
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HP Lovecraft film festival Empty Re: HP Lovecraft film festival

Post  CaptZaphod on Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:37 am

Sounds like bad it's on the left coast, and not the right.

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